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NWS Rip Current Safety Program

Rip Current Signs and Handouts

Rip Current Sign:
English Only or Spanish Only
rip current sign icon
English: PDF, AI, TIF
Espanol: JPG, EPS

Rip Current Sign: English Only or Spanish Onlyrip current sign in black and white,click for larger image
English, PNG, EPS
Espanol: PDF, EPS

Rip Current Sign: English and Spanishrip current sign in English and Spanish

Rip Current

rip current brochure, click for enlarged image
English: INDD, PDF
Espanol: PDF, High Res

rip current sticker, click for larger image

NOAA/USLA rip current sticker: PDF

USLA Rip Current Fact Sheet
NOAA/USLA rip current fact sheet: PDF
USLA Rip Current Talking Points
NOAA/USLA rip current talking points: PDF
Video, Audio and other Multimedia are also available.
Reproduction in total is allowed and encouraged. State and local governments, municipalities, beachfront organizations, chambers of commerce, and other shoreline interests are encouraged and welcomed to download and print the national sign and the brochure. We have left room on the sign and brochure for the inclusion of your organization's logo or name. This life-saving message was vetted by a dedicated team of meteorologists, coastal scientists, and lifeguards. The message on the national sign and brochure may NOT be altered. For more information, contact:

NOAA, National Weather Service
Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services
1325 East West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910
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Last Updated: April 17, 2014